Initial Private Consultation

15 minutes 

Are you interested in finding out if or how you could benefit from a holistic wellness plan and lifestyle coaching?  It's so much more than what and when to eat,  come in for a FREE consultation to become acquainted with Sarah, discover all that a holistic nutrition wellness plan has to offer and see if it's the right fit for you.


Complete Nutritional Assessment & Dietary  Wellness Plan

A comprehensive that Includes 6 sessions over 2 to 3 months to implement real change that fits your lifestyle, your schedule and your goals.

  • Sessions can be In person, over the phone or live video chat

  • Follow-up email, phone call or text after each sessions are included to answer questions, discuss progress and keep you motivated!

Six sessions which include: 

Session 1 (30 minutes):

  • Lifestyle and Symptomatology Assessment

  • Overview of lifestyle, diet, and health history

  • Review of health concerns, goals, and outcomes

  • Deeper look at emotional attachments to food

  • Dietary recommendations from a holistic perspective

Upon booking this session, you will receive an introductory email with assessment questionnaires, as well as a food journal to get you started.

Session 2 (60 minutes): 

  • Your complete Wellness Plan - personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations, from a holistic approach

  • Supporting documents, handouts, recipes

  • Includes time spent on the mat, one on one instruction of yoga which complements the Wellness Plan

Includes 4 follow-up phone call/ Video call or in personal sessions every 2 to 3 weeks: to answer questions, discuss progress and add new routines/practices to the plan. The whole idea is to implement gradual change over time and to be held accountable.


Partner Consultation (For 2)

Having the support of others around you is the key to success! If you want to partner up with a family member, roommate, partner/spouse to support each other through a lifestyle transformation this package deal is the key to transformation.  Includes Complete Nutritional Assessment & Dietary Wellness Plan (6 sessions, as seen above) that is tailored to your team goals and meets each of your individual nutrition needs. Receive a meal plan that includes fun recipes that can be prepared together. 


Family Consultation

Looking for a plan that meets your busy lifestyle that the whole family will enjoy? Includes Complete Nutritional Assessment & Dietary  Wellness Plan (6 sessions, as seen above) that is tailored to meets each of your individual nutrition needs. Receive a meal plan that includes fun recipes that can be prepared together as a family that are quick, nutritious and allow you to teach your kids about important food skills that will stick with them through a lifetime.  


Grocery Store Tour

60 minutes


During a grocery store tour, you will learn how to compare and contrast different products by examining food labels and ingredient lists. Sarah spends time going through the aisles to help you understand the way grocery stores are strategically laid out, discussing proper food storage and how to pick the freshest produce. 


Private Yoga Class

60-90 minutes 


Private yoga classes for groups, individuals or corporate. Whether you're new to yoga or interested in deepening your practice, Sarah is known for her soothing voice to help you unwind and be in the present moment. Her classes incorporate strength, breathwork, and mindfulness, they are accessible for all body types and levels of experience.